Fragile Items vs Cold Weather

Moving in the winter presents a lot of challenges.  One of those challenges is how to take care of fragile items that may be affected by cold temperatures.  I have listed a few items that may need an extra day to adjust to room temperatures, depending on how long they were sitting in the below-freezing temperatures.

Washing Machines  – When we drain the water from the pump, water may still sit at various points in the washer.  Attempting to operate the washer while some moisture is frozen can damage internal components.

Dyers – Igniters and elements can become brittle from normal everyday use.  By operating the dryer when not at room temp will cause a sudden temperature change and damage these internal parts.

Icemakers – Even if you drain the solenoid valve.  Residual moisture in the valve and lines may be frozen.  The icemaker should be allowed to come to room temp before attempting to operate.

Water softener – Before installation, the residual water should be allowed to thaw at room temperature before installation.

Waterbed Mattresses – Moisture left in the mattress will freeze and handling will crack the vinyl.  Allow thawing at room temperature before handling.

Grandfather Clocks – Cold temperatures will cause the oil in pivot points to gum up.  Allow the oil to reach room temp before setting the mechanism in beat.  Small components will contract and restrict the operation of moving parts in the mechanism in extremely cold temperatures.

Electrical Equipment – Extreme temperature changes will cause condensation in the electrical equipment.  It is best to wait a full 24 hours after bringing item out of the cold before servicing any of these items.

Please read your manufactures warning of extreme temperatures to know how to prevent damage to your specific item.

Movers are not liable for any piece damaged by the environment.