Should Your Business Use Portable Storage Units?

Portable storage units offer benefits for many types of businesses. For example, construction companies need storage where valuable tools, equipment, and raw materials must be put away at the end of the day and the buildings to store them are still being built. Retail businesses need storage and may require a solution accommodating rapid inventory growth and depletion. So, if you’re thinking, can portable storage help my business, keep reading to learn about all the benefits.  (more…)

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How to Find the Best Local Moving Company in Westfield, MA

Do the work to find a reliable local moving company and you’ll save money and ensure the safety of your belongings.

Stay Local

Although you can find movers online, looking for moving companies within Westfield, MA, is ideal. This will ensure you can receive an in-home estimate from an employee and minimize potential scams. If you use a broker or third-party company, there is no guarantee (more…)

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Winter Moving

Winter is here, and so is the cold and snow!  I have put together some tips to help your winter move go smoothly.

As your move date approaches, start checking the weather.  If the weather looks bad with a significant amount of snow, start calling your mover and realtor.  If you have a closing scheduled, see if your closing date can be pushed out, and call to see your mover’s availability for rescheduling.


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Fragile Items vs Cold Weather

Moving in the winter presents a lot of challenges.  One of those challenges is how to take care of fragile items that may be affected by cold temperatures.  I have listed a few items that may need an extra day to adjust to room temperatures, depending on how long they were sitting in the below-freezing temperatures.


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