Winter Moving

Winter is here, and so is the cold and snow!  I have put together some tips to help your winter move go smoothly.

As your move date approaches, start checking the weather.  If the weather looks bad with a significant amount of snow, start calling your mover and realtor.  If you have a closing scheduled, see if your closing date can be pushed out, and call to see your mover’s availability for rescheduling.

Moving companies understand that some moves cannot be postponed due to closing schedules.  If this is the case, make sure you check in with your mover to make sure that they will be there regardless of weather conditions.

If you are able to change your date… do so, winter is the moving industries off-season, so we usually can reschedule your move for the near future without a hitch.

Be aware that the weather conditions can cause roads to be un-passable, stopping the movers from reaching you, and causing your mover to reschedule your move.

Please, be sure that sidewalks and pathways are clear of snow and ice.  Put down sand or salt to keep movers from slipping.

All outside doors should have floor mats and cheap tarps laid down to help protect the flooring, and to make sure your house stays clean and protected.

Shut off your heat. The doors will be open, and your heat will just go right out the door, costing you money and making your furnace work harder. You can put a space heater in the bathroom, and/or even a small room if you have pets that need warmth.

Moving is hard work in any season.  By staying organized and on top of the weather your winter move will be a success, no matter the season.